Foundation Vision, Mission, and Philosophy

What We’re About

The Foundation envisions its services as the source of guidance for an ever-growing segment of America’s citizenry, especially those having questions, concerns, or information needs relative to Social Security issues.

With respect to mission, the Foundation is organized to help protect and ensure the financial security, health, and social lives of current amaccoupleredblueand future mature Americans through information, education, and research on Social Security, Medicare, and related issues by:

  • Providing factual information that improves understanding of the positive value of Social Security and Medicare and the current and long-term challenges these programs face;
  • Tracking current and proposed legislation and public pronouncements on Social Security and Medicare;
  • Providing advice by Certified Social Security Advisors through AMAC publications, workshops, webinars, podcasts, and telephone support;
  • Providing advice and guidance on the impact of The Affordable Care Act and other healthcare legislation on mature Americans and how to maximize benefits and minimize penalties.

Our Philosophy

The Foundation embraces the principles of the free enterprise system, which provides prosperity for America. Many Americans share their wealth to help those who are less fortunate, who do not have the resources to obtain the help they need, or who may have reached an advanced age. Accordingly, the Foundation seeks to offer an outlet for this philanthropy by encouraging potential benefactors to play a part in achieving its vision.

The Foundation believes that education is the key to Americans making informed choices for self-sustainability. The Foundation’s philosophy is simple:  The Foundation believes in offering a hand up, not a hand out.  

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